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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wireless Managed Cook off

5 Incredible Brands, peeled and revealed

Whether it be remote access, surveillance, auto managing teenagers internet time or even hotspot control for large hotel networks, we have something for everyone and there is no obvious winner - Let's compare ingredients!

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Grandstream is the latest managed WiFi competitor to the market. Currently with one access point, Grandstream plan to release additional access points and routers to the GWN product line. The GWN Series is the only managed system whereby the access point is also a controller that can manage up to 50 WiFi AP’s without requiring an additional software or cloud controller.

The Neutron managed wireless system offers the highest-powered access points among the managed systems making it ideal for large commercial buildings and warehouses where extreme coverage is paramount. The access points also feature controller-less (standalone) configuration allowing you to use the same access point for managed and non-managed installations. The Neutron Series access points come standard with a 2 year manufacturer warranty and support integration with Cloud4Wi – offers Volare, the industry’s leading services platform for advanced guest Wi-Fi allowing large retail chains, restaurant chains, and shopping malls to build their brands by leveraging their existing Wi-Fi networks to provide superior on-site mobile experiences, while gaining valuable customer insights.

Dating back to 2005, OpenMesh is one of the early adopters of managed WiFi. Their CloudTrax cloud based managed WiFi system allows custom branding of their interface making it a great choice for businesses wanting to use Open Mesh while branding a full solution to the customer as their own. Installers can simply send access points and now switches directly to the customer without any base configuration which brings drop ship, remote configuration to a whole new level. CloudTrax also has great HotSpot features including native support for Facebook login and Deep Packet Inspection making it perfect for Motel / Hotel WiFi.

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cnMaestro – Cambium’s cloud based management system not only manages their relatively new managed wireless products it also supports your existing cambium products including cnPilot and ePMP with PMP and PTP products support coming soon. This makes it the only system that can manage your backhaul links as well as your office / hotel WiFi. cnMaestro allows you to manage, optimise and troubleshoot not only the local wireless access but also the backhaul links they are connected to.

UniFi is the only system currently available to give you a fully managed network system from the gateway router to switch to access point making it a great option for any business looking for an out of the box type fully managed network that is easy to use yet powerful at the same time. It provides great analytics over the whole system including Deep Packet Inspection to drill down into user application usage. UniFi is also currently the only system that has a wireless access point with built-in speaker designed for Public Announcements.

Comparing management platforms is a good way to see what you can control and which platform best suits you or your customers needs.

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