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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Upgrading firmware on the Grandstream DP750 Base and DP720 DECT IP Phone


With the release of Grandstream Networks latest DECT IP Phone we thought we would blog how to upgrade the firmware on both DP750 Basestation and the DP720 handset.

Step 1:
Login to your DP750 Basestation, navigate to Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade and change the Firmware Server Path to:

Step 2:
At the bottom of the Firmware Upgrade page you can also set Handset Firmware Automatic Upgrade to Yes
Click Save and Apply

Step 3:
Reboot the DP750 Basestation. The Base should look for and update firmware on boot, sometimes the device will come back up for approximately 1-2 minutes before you lose connectivity with it again. At this point leave the Basestation for a good 5-10min to finish the upgrade process.

Step 4:
Once the Firmware has been upgraded on the Basestation, you will want to check if the DP720 handset has been updated. If it hasn't you can force an update:
Navigate to Menu > Settings > Firmware Upgrade

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