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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How do I connect the GXV3504 with analog cameras to the GVR3550?


The GXV3504 can be used to connect up to 4 analog cameras to the Grandstream GVR3550. First ensure the GVR3550 is running firmware or above and the GXV3504 is running firmware or above.
Option One - Search:
1. Navigate to Settings > Camera Management > Search & Config > Search Camera:

2. Select the channel(s) you wish to add to the GVR3550 and then click add (I have chosen to add channel 1 & 2 here):
Option Two - Manual Add:
1. Navigate to Settings > Camera Management > Search & Config > Manual Add.
2. Enter the IP Address, Username and Password of the remote GXV3504 and select which channels you wish to add (again i have chosen to select channel 1 & 2 here):
As these cameras are connected via analog all video configuration settings must be changed on the Cameras themselves (i.e. changing the resolution).

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