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Monday, November 24, 2014

Remote IP Camera with Microphone and Speaker Scenario

In this scenario we will configure a Grandstream IP Camera with a built in Microphone and Speaker for remote monitoring. Users will be able to dial into the IP Camera via a SIP application on there mobile phone to view and listen to camera feed whilst also having the ability to speak through the internal speaker or externally mounted speaker attached to the camera depending on the model.

Compatible Cameras:
GXV3615WP_HD (internal mic and speaker)
GXV3610_HD/FHD (internal mic, external speaker not included - 3.5mm)
GXV3674_HD/FHD (external mic and speaker not included - 3.5mm)

Step 1 - Create a Free 2talk VoIP account:
Signup for a Free 2talk VoIP account

Step 2 - Add another Line to your 2talk account:

Step 3 - Configure your IP Camera with the first SIP account number:
Account Name: Phone Peer (any name is fine)
SIP Server:
SIP User ID: 2talk_number_1
Authenticate ID: 2talk_number_1
Password: 2talk_login_password
Save Settings.

Step 4 - Increase Mic and Speaker Volume (optional):

Step 5 - Configure your Android or Apple IOS phone with the second SIP account number:
1. Go to the App Store or Play Store and download Bria (other SIP applications may also work but have not been tested):

2. Purchase the Video Codec so you can view the camera feed (small purchase required):

3. Configure the second SIP account number:
User-Defined Generic Accounts: VoIP (SIP) - Calling

Account Name: Phone (Any name is fine)
Username: 2talk_number_2
Password: 2talk_login_password

Step 6 - Restrict camera viewing to specified phone whitelist (optional):
Once enabled, only the following numbers can call the camera.
Navigate to SIP
Accept Direct IP Call: Disable
Enable White List Number Filter: Enable
Enter White List Numbers: 2talk_number_2

Step 7 - Make a test call:
Once the account is showing registered on your phone you can initiate a call to the camera. Calls initiated from the Bria app using your first Free 2talk 028 number to your second Free 2talk 028 number (the camera) are Free! You can also call from a standard landline or mobile phone however this will be an audio only call (no video) and standard call charges may apply.

1 comment:

  1. I have followed all these steps and made a call. I haven't been able to view the camera though, where is the option to view the camera? Thanks.