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Thursday, July 10, 2014

airVision NVR Appliance broken after AirCam firmware automatically updated to UVC

If you have airVision 2.1.x running you may find you have left the auto upgrade camera firmware selected. With the release of UniFi-Video you may now have noticed your AirCam's have automatically upgraded to the latest UVC firmware version and are now unsupported in the airVision Controller.

If you have a mix of airCam and UVC Camera's on your network you will be required to upgrade (Resolution 2) as UVC cameras are not supported in airVision.

There are two solutions. The first is to disable automatic upgrades of camera firmware and then downgrade the affected cameras back to version 1.2 or upgrade / migrate your airVision installation to UniFi-Video. Resolution 2 is pretty safe however there is a chance of data loss and or installation corruption so if you don't want to risk this you may want to use Resolution 1.

Resolution 1 - Downgrade affected camera firmware:

Step 1:
Login to your airVision Controller and disable automatic camera updates:
Settings > System Settings > Auto Management Configuration:
Step 2:
Download the last available camera firmware version supported (v1.2).
Step 3:
Login to your camera and downgrade your affected airCam to version 1.2:
Device > Update

Step 4:
Verify your camera has re-connected:
Step 5:
Upgrade any other affected cameras.

Resolution 2 - Upgrade to UniFi-Video 3.x.x (airVision-C NVR):

Step 1:
Ensure your airVision Controller is running the latest version 2.1.3:
Step 2:
I have created a simple script which you can run to upgrade if you are unfamiliar with the Debian NVR terminal interface - or maybe just lazy ;-). Continue to the next Step if you want to use this otherwise if you know what you are doing and would like to follow the full upgrade tutorial then please click here.

Step 3:
You will need to SSH into your airVision-C NVR Appliance.
MAC OSX / Linux Users:
Open a new Terminal window and ssh into your airVision-C NVR Appliance (change '' to your NVR controller IP Address):
Windows Users:
Download and install PuTTy, select SSH and then enter the IP Address of your airVision-C NVR Applicance:
Step 4:
Download and run our upgrade / migration script:
IMPORTANT: This script is provided for your convenience only, Go Wireless NZ Ltd will not be held liable for any data loss or corruption caused.
wget; sh
If prompted with the following select 'yes': 
Restart services during package upgrades without asking?
Step 5:
Verify the installation has successfully updated to UniFi-Video:
Step 6:
Upgrade any Camera's that are running unsupported firmware versions:
If you experience problems with your cameras hanging on the upgrade screen or not recording please reboot the camera's and NVR to try and resolve this.

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