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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC - 802.11ac speed tests

Below you will find a basic network diagram showing how we have performed testing. The network is running over multiple VLANs through multiple switches and routers of different vendors. The network is wired with 1Gbps Ethernet connections throughout the whole network. All network tests are performed on the local network only and do not traverse the internet.

UniFi Version:
Controller Version: 3.1.10RC
UAP-AC Firmware Version:

Network Diagram:

Test 1:
Macbook Pro connected to a UAP-AC at 802.11ac. Connect to speedtest mini running on a virtual server on the local LAN and perform speedtest.

Results showed up to 

Test 2:
Macbook Pro connected to a UAP-AC at 802.11ac. Transfer a 1GB file using rsync protocol to the virtual server. We will perform a upload and download tests using popular rsync file transfer method.

rsync upload to server from macbook - 21.28MB/s or 170.24Mbps.
rysnc download to macbook from server - 20.43MB/s or 163.44Mbps.

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