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Friday, March 21, 2014

Install UniFi Controller on airVision-C NVR Appliance

Would you like to run UniFi, mFi, and airVision all on Ubiquiti's airVision-C NVR Appliance? This guide will explain how to install the UniFi controller on the airVision-C NVR Appliance.

Step 1:
Login to your NVR via ssh using PuTTY or other ssh application:
If prompted with a Security Alert about the host key please select Yes.
Username: root
Password: (your airvision/nvr login password)

Step 2:
Create a new directory for UniFi:
mkdir /srv/unifi

Step 3:
Create a Symbolic Link between UniFi folders:
ln -s /srv/unifi /var/lib/unifi

Step 4:
Add the UniFi repository to the APT sources list:
echo 'deb debian ubiquiti' >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Step 6:
Update package sources:
apt-get update

Step 7:
Install UniFi Controller - Stable Release:
apt-get install unifi
Install UniFi Controller - BETA Release:
apt-get install unifi-beta

Step 8:
If the UniFi service fails to start due to the following error then you will need to update the JAVA_HOME location inside the /etc/init.d/unifi file:
Error: unifiCannot locate Java Home failed!

To edit the above file you need to use a text editor (I prefer nano which is currently not installed):
apt-get install nano
nano /etc/init.d/unifi

Step 9:
Restart the UniFi service:
service unifi start

Step 10:
Login and configure your new UniFi Controller!


  1. Thanks for the great blog on how to run mFi on the AirVision NVR :)

    Now all I have to do to install The Dude service on it as well and I will be able to turn my PC off.

  2. Shouldn't the command in Step 4 be:
    echo 'deb stable ubiquiti' >> /etc/apt/sources.list
    As per the release notes for 4.6.6

    1. Hi there, it may have changed since this blog was published. the one in step 4 may still work but i would recommend using Ubiquiti's updated command.