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Monday, November 11, 2013

Ubiquiti Access Point Country Code Locked to United States - International Firmware

By default with later firmware versions of the Ubiquiti airMAX AirOS, if you have changed or set your country code to United States the only way to choose a different country code is by selecting the country upon logging into the device for the first time after it has been reset. This example explains how to change the country code of a Ubiquiti Access Point back to New Zealand Country Code without resetting the device if it is currently locked to United States Country Code.

Step 1:
Login to the Access Point and download a backup of the configuration.

Step 2:
Edit the configuration file in Notepad or other Text editor and change the following lines.

Step 3:
Save the backup file and Upload this back onto the device under System > Upload Configuration
Do not apply settings yet!

Step 4:
Review your settings and ensure everything is correct. One key change that may have occurred is the channel width has probably changed to 30MHz if it was previously set to 40MHz. Once you have verified that all settings are correct click Test to Test the new configuration and if the device is working as expected you can then permanently Apply Settings.

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