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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grandstream Firmware Upgrade Procedure

In this article we will explain the different ways to upgrade your Grandstream device. Supported methods include TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS or File Upload.

Upgrade via Grandstream HTTP server:
On most Grandstream devices you should find the Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning Settings under the Advanced Settings Page.
Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning: Upgrade Via HTTP
Firmware Server Path:
Update Settings and Reboot.
Your Grandstream device should now upgrade to the latest firmware listed on the Grandstream Website. In most cases this will be performed after selecting Reboot (above). 

DP715 / GXW4xxx / HT50x / HT70x Example:
Advanced Settings > Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning Settings
Maintenance > Upgrade > Firmware Server Path

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