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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Configure Grandstream DP715 for 2talk

In this article we will explain the basic configuration required to configure the Grandstream DP715 Handset for use with 2Talk.

It is always a good idea to keep up to date with the latest firmware. Before proceeding below please ensure your handset is running firmware version or later. You can refer to our "Grandstream Firmware Upgrade Procedure" for more information on how to upgrade.

Step 1:
Configure the Time Zone on the Basic Settings Page (Optional):
Update Settings (Do not Reboot yet).
Step 2:
Set the Primary SIP Server and Outbound Proxy Server for 2talk under Profile 1:
Primary SIP Server:
Outbound Proxy:
Update Settings (Do not Reboot yet).
Step 3:
At the bottom of the Profile 1 Page it is recommended to configure the bit rate codecs in order from lower to highest as shown below (Optional):
choice 1: iLBC
choice 2: G729
choice 3: G723
choice 4: G726-32
choice 5: PCMA
choice 6PCMU
Update Settings (Do not Reboot yet).
Step 4:
Configure your 2talk authenticate details under Handset 1 on the Handsets Page:
SIP User ID: 2talk_number
Authenticate ID: 2talk_number
Authenticate Password: 2talk_login_password
Name: your_desired_caller_id_name
Update Settings and Reboot.
Step 5:
Verify your settings are correct by check the Status Page and ensuring the SIP Registration Handset Status is "Registered".
Make an Outgoing test call (i.e. Call Telecom Service Express - 0800 000 000):
Make an Incoming test call (i.e. Dial your 2talk phone from your cell phone).

Handy 2talk Feature Codes:
*55 - Access Voicemail Portal
*99 - Voice Portal Menus
*61 - Call Waiting Activate
*81 - Call Waiting Deactivate
*69 - Call back last Caller
*1 - Start/Stop manual recording of a call (if not disabled)
For a list of 2talk feature codes please visit

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