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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Flash a RouterStation Pro

This guide will explain how to get your RouterStation Pro into TFTP Recovery mode so that you can flash the original OpenWRT firmware or Gargoyle as well as most other supported compatible firmwares. 

Please note this is a generic guide that focuses on getting the RouterStation into TFTP Mode primarily. You should read the installation instructions for the specific firmware you are trying to flash on to your Router.

Step 1:
Connect the WAN port of the RouterStation into your network with an ethernet cable and ensure your network is running on the range. Alternatively you can connect the WAN port of the RouterStation directly to your computer and set your computers IP Address to

Step 2:
Open a command prompt and setup a continuous ping to (ping -t).

Step 3:
While holding down the reset button (located next to the DC power input) apply power. Release the reset button as soon as the WAN port light comes on.

Step 4: 
Wait for a few seconds and you should see ping responses show up in your command prompt window. The WAN port should now be flashing. If this is the case you are now in TFTP Mode!

Step 5: 
Download the appropriate firmware you wish to flash onto your RouterStation. Here is a couple of options. 

RouterStation OpenWRT Backfire 10.3.1:

RouterStation Pro OpenWRT Backfire 10.3.1:

RouterStation Gargoyle 1.5.9:

RouterStation Pro Gargoyle 10.5.9:

Step 6:
Open a TFTP application (i prefer this one as it is nice and simple "tftp2"). Browse to the firmware you have downloaded and enter the IP Address of the RouterStation in TFTP mode in the server field (

Step 7:
Wait for approximately 5-10 minutes and then remove the ethernet cable from the WAN port and plug it into LAN1 on the RouterStation. The RouterStation should now be accessible on the LAN port via for the above firmwares.

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