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Monday, September 17, 2012

Ubiquiti 900MHz Point to Point WDS Bridge

Setup a Point to Point WDS bridge using Ubiquiti LocoM900 or Nanobridge M900 (NBM-9). 

Due to the current New Zealand General User Radio Licence Requirements for the 921MHz to 928MHz band, the only legal channel we are able to use when configuring these Access Points is 924MHz. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER CHANNEL OR YOU MAY FACE PROSECUTION.

Step 1:
Configure the wireless settings for the main Access Point. Fill all highlighted fields as shown below with the exception of the "SSID" and "WPA Preshared Key" fields which can be customised to suit your installation. Click "Change" when complete.

Step 2:
Configure your network settings for this Access Point. The IP Address should be unique to your network and the Gateway and DNS IP Addresses should in most cases reflect the IP Address of your Internet Gateway Router. Click "Change" when complete.

Step 3:
Select "Apply" at the top of the page to apply all configurations and reboot device.

Configure the remote Access Point. Select "WDS Transparent Bridge Mode", "Channel Width" and enable "Channel Shifting" and then click "Change". You can now click the "Select" button next to the SSID field to scan for the main Access Point, the popup window (shown at the bottom) shows our main Access Point. Select it and then click the "Select" button. This will configure the rest of the Wireless Page leaving you to only enter the "WPA Preshared Key" before clicking "Change".

Step 5:
Configure Network Settings. As with the main Access Point the IP Address of this device must be unique to your network and the Gateway and Primary DNS Addresses will in most cases be the IP Address of your Internet Gateway Router.

Verifying our Link is configured and working correctly.

The easiest way to test the link is working is to open a command prompt on a computer connected at the remote end of the Wireless Bridge and ping the Internet Gateway Router or another device / address behind the main Access Point. In this example we have tested the ping response time to the Station, Access Point and Gateway Router respectively.

You may wish to check your CCQ, Noise Floor and Signal strength to verify you have a good reliable connection between the two devices.

Access Point:


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