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Monday, August 27, 2012

MikroTik PoE output functionality upgrade RouterOS v5.20

Compatible Routers:

Upgrade your RouterBoard to RouterOS v5.20 or above:

1. Download the latest stable release for your router here
2. Drag and drop the RouterOS .npk file into winbox.
3. Reboot router using Winbox (System -> Reboot)

Upgrade RouterBoot (firmware):

[[email protected]] > system routerboard upgrade

[[email protected]] > system reboot

You can see the RouterBoot has been upgraded by issuing the following command in New Terminal:

[[email protected]] > system routerboard print

Once the router has rebooted and the RouterBoot has successfully upgraded you can proceed to upgrade the PoE firmware (This cannot be done in the New Terminal window - as of writing this):

Navigate to System -> Routerboard -> PoE Settings -> Upgrade

Once you have selected yes to upgrade the PoE firmware you need to reboot the system to apply the new firmware:

[[email protected]] > system reboot


  1. After firmware upgrade my Omnitik UPA-5HnD does not loading. How to restore router? Thanks!

    1. If the device has not come back after a reboot and or power cycle and is not visible at all in winbox you may need to perform a netinstall which can be found here: